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Public Works - Hiring Public Works Employee

Job Description:
    This position is for a Public Works Employee to work year round at the Town Garage.  It is a 40 hour per week position, Monday thru Friday from 7 am - 3:30 pm.  Snow plowing and winter road maintenance are exceptions to the normal work hours.
Job Requirements:
  Class A CDL drivers license.  Ability to lift 50 pounds.  Ability to implement job responsibilities independently.  Experience with a loader, excavator and other equipment helpful as well as being able to perform other mechanical and fabrication jobs.  Must pass drug and alcohol testing prior to and throughout employment.

  *  Health insurance

  *  Simple IRA - Town will contribute up to 3% of yearly income contingent on employee contribution.

To apply:
     Click here to link to job application.  
Please pick up an application in the Town Office or email Cindy Abbott to receive one by email.
For more information, contact Ryan Willette at (207) 323-1877.

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