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Town Government

Select Board

The Select Board meets every Monday evening
at 6pm at the Town Office.   
You can also join by Zoom.
Meeting ID #:  431 235 8395
Passcode:  TownMeet

Laura Greeley

Term expires 2025

Steve Bennett, Chairperson


Term expires 2024

Ryan Willette, General Assistance Admin.


Term expires 2026

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Town Government: Programs

Public Works Department

Public Works Director


Solid Waste Director

Joseph Freeman, Sr.

Support Services

Animal Control Officer

Peter Nerber



Code Enforcement Officer / Plumbing Inspector /

Assessor of Buildings

Jackie Robbins


Fire Chief / Forest Fire Warden

James Waterman


Local Health Officer

Patricia Ashland



Community Development

Appeals Board

Michael Smith - President, Ben Feeney, Alex Green

Eleonor MacMakin, Dylan Turner

Budget Committee Members

Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, Prentice Grassi,

Laura Greeley, Ryan Willette, Ron Price, Doug Van Horn


Cemetery Committee Members

Steve Holmes - Chair, Cindy Abbott, 

Kim Holmes, Scott Holmes


Community Development Advisory Committee

Steve Bennett, Prentice Grassi, Walter Fuller, Alexis Bennett,

Wilson Hess, Dylan Turner, Lissa Widoff, Lunar Chickadee

Freedom Boosters & Recreational Committee Members

Alyssa Brugger: Chairperson, Jacob Brugger, Bethia Feeney, Ben Feeney,  Jasmine Willette, Joe Freeman, Cindy Abbott

Freedom Community Historical Society

Wilson Hess: President, Elaine HIggins

Planning Board Members

Tyler Hadyniak - Chair, Peter Abello, Mary Ann Bennett,

Prentice Grassi, Kevin Malady, Palmer Pearson, Clara Alverez

School Board Representative

Eleanor Hess

Solid Waste Representative

Phil Bloomstein, Eleonor MacMakin, Alternate

Town Government: Programs
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