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Town Government

Select Board

The Select Board meets every other Monday evening
at 6pm at the Town Office, and at 7:30 am on the alternate Mondays.   
You can also join by Zoom.
Meeting ID #:  431 235 8395
Passcode:  TownMeet

Laura Greeley, Chairperso


Term expires 3/2025

Heather Donahue


Term expires 3/2027

Ryan Willette, General Assistance Admin.


Term expires 3/2026

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Town Government: Programs

Public Works Department

Public Works Director


Solid Waste Director

Joseph Freeman, Sr.

Support Services

Animal Control Officer

Peter Nerber



Code Enforcement Officer / Plumbing Inspector /

Assessor of Buildings

Fire Chief / Forest Fire Warden

James Waterman


Local Health Officer

Patricia Ashland



Community Development

Appeals Board

Michael Smith - President, Ben Feeney, Alex Green

 Dylan Turner

Budget Committee Members

Heather Donahue, Tim Biggs, Prentice Grassi,

Laura Greeley, Ryan Willette, Doug Van Horn


Cemetery Committee Members

Steve Holmes - Chair, Cindy Abbott, 

Kim Holmes, Scott Holmes


Community Development Advisory Committee

Steve Bennett, Prentice Grassi, Walter Fuller, Alexis Bennett,

Wilson Hess, Dylan Turner, Lissa Widoff, Lunar Chickadee

Freedom Boosters & Recreational Committee Members

Alyssa Brugger: Chairperson, Jacob Brugger, Bethia Feeney, Ben Feeney,  Jasmine Willette, Joe Freeman, Cindy Abbott

Freedom Community Historical Society

Wilson Hess: President, Elaine HIggins

Planning Board Members

Tyler Hadyniak - Chair, Peter Abello, Mary Ann Bennett,

Prentice Grassi, Kevin Malady, Clara Alverez. Brian Murphy

School Board Representative

Eleanor Hess   RSU 3 Board of Directors, Freedom

Solid Waste Representative

Phil Bloomstein, Eleonor MacMakin, Alternate

Town Government: Programs
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