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High Impact Transmission Line Committee

Heather Donahue:  Committee Chairperson

Posting a public comment to the Public Utilities commission website is the single most impactful action we can take right now. Twenty minutes of your time now, could mean no powerlines cutting through Freedom tomorrow. 


Here is the link for the Maine PUC Public Comment Page:


To post a comment, you'll need to post your name, your town, and the Docket number:




Not having this number handy was one of my biggest obstacles to posting a comment. 


You can also Google Maine PUC Public Comment and it will take you to the right place. 


Each one of our voices matters. I'm hoping to have 50 Freedom residents leave a comment by the end of the October. That will be more than any other town along the proposed corridor. We're also the smallest town along the corridor. Tiny but mighty, we are. 


If you need any help with this, feel free to call or text me 691-2501.


Thank you,


Heather Donahue

Freedom Transmission Line Committee

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