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Freedom Public Works

The department is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing a road maintenance schedule for the 26 miles of town roads and performing that work.  This work includes, ditching, mulching and reseeding ditches, replacing culverts, grinding to keep back vegetation, grading and rolling out dirt roads.  For our paved roads, the department is working on a paving schedule to maintain them throughout the years.  In addition, Freedom Public Works department plows, sands and salts our town roads.  Throughout the year, upkeep and maintenance of vehicles and equipment continues.  

Public Works Garage 382-3042

Public Works Director:  

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Freedom Municipal
Solid Waste Collection

Garbage collection takes place curbside every Thursday, except on Holidays.  One trash sticker is needed for each 30 gallon bag.  Two trash stickers are needed for any bag larger than 30 gallons.  Stickers can be purchased at the Town Office for $1.50 each or at the Freedom General Store for $1.75 each.

For more information, please read the

Trash and Recyclables 2022 document.

Freedom encourages everyone to recycle.  Recyclables can be brought to the Unity Area Regional Recycling Center at

95 Leonard Road, Thorndike.

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