Cindy Abbott

The Tax Collector is responsible for the collection of real estate taxes. Tax bills go out around the middle of July. The mill rate is currently $18.35 per thousand dollars of assessed value. For late payments (60 days after commitment date) five percent (5%) interest is charged. Payment may be made in person at the Town Office or by mail. (A receipt will be furnished if the taxpaper also sends a stamped self addressed envelope.)

The ExciseTax Collector is responsible for the collection of excise taxes and the registration of motor and recreational vehicles. There is an excise tax on passenger cars and trucks, motorcycles, boats (with motors), and motor homes. There is no excise tax levied on ATVs, snowmobiles, and trailers. Excise taxes on vehicles are a tax levied annually for the privilege of operating vehicles upon the public ways of the State. Until the creation of the excise tax, vehicles were taxable as personal property. Mobile homes are still considered and taxed as personal property.

New vehicle registration requiring new plates can be done here. The town can do all registrations including trucks.

Fees - NOT including excise tax (see above) where applicable:

State Fee

Town Fee

Passenger cars, trucks










 $10 & up








Trailers (1 year/2 years)  $10.50/$20


Commercial Trucks and Motor Homes (by weight)  $35 & up    

Non-Residents' Registrations.
3 day Snowmobile: $49 + $1
10 day Snowmobile: $75 + $1
Season Snowmobile: $99 + $1
7 Day ATV: $53 + $1
Season (June-June) ATVs: $99 + $1

If you have questions or wish to make sure that this information is up-to-date, please contact the Freedom Tax Collector, Cindy Abbott, at the Town Office.