Correspondence from State Planning Board

The Comprehensive Plan is an opportunity for citizens of Freedom to look ten years into the future (from 2011) and create a long range blueprint for development. It is a framework for the citizens of Freedom to understand land use issues as they are interrelated in a “web” of relationships. The people of Freedom have established their own priorities, goals, and achievement strategies for the next ten years as Freedom continues to develop.
What a Comprehensive Plan Does:
Freedom can get grant money not available to towns without a Comprehensive Plan. Without the Plan Freedom cannot even compete for some grants.
A town with a Comprehensive Plan can depend on the state to support its land use ordinances; whereas land use ordinances not consistent with a town’s Comprehensive Plan are considered void by the state.
No external entity such as the state could operate in town without consideration given to the Comprehensive Plan.
It gives Freedom an opportunity to sustain rural living and fosters a vibrant village center.
It gives Freedom an excellent basis for sound decisions in town management.
A Comprehensive Plan gives Freedom citizens the chance to decide their Own Priorities for the future development of their town.
What a Comprehensive Plan can NOT do:
It is not an ordinance that dictates what landowners can or cannot do with their land.
It does not become law.
It does not hinder, stop, or discourage development.
It does not give local control to the County or State.

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